Island in the form of manhood discovered in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Jolene Vultaggio was looking through an online map of the planet and accidentally saw a strange island in the Pacific Ocean, which had an unusual shape.

The woman immediately noted the coordinates of the discovered island and shared her find in one of the groups on the Facebook social network. Jolene added that she accidentally saw a phallic island and marked it so that no one would say that the woman had used Photoshop.

In addition, Jolene added coordinates so that everyone could see an island of an unusual shape with their own eyes. The woman had never seen anything like it before, so such a find surprised her very much.

The discovered island is located next to the tropical Trinity islands, which belong to France. Its length is approximately 500 meters. Not far from the new land area is the small island of Ouvea, home to 3,400 people. This beach is famous for its incredibly beautiful beaches.

In the future, the island will be explored in more detail and may finally get a name. Although it can be quite interesting, especially considering the unusual shape of the land.


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