Black hole discovered in space, violating the rules of astrophysics

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of Curtin, after further research, concluded that the very first black hole found is much larger. The object is a real embodiment of the horror and power of space.

The hole turned out to be so massive that some of the astrophysical laws were questioned. There are stellar systems where several stars orbit around a common center of mass.

The mass of black holes in such systems usually does not exceed 20 solar masses, in our case, this figure is 21 solar masses. These results made everyone think seriously.

Despite numerous studies, experts have not been able to study the orbit of the black hole around its partner star in the Cygnus X-1 star system.

With the help of an ultra-long baseline antenna array, which includes 10 radio telescopes, it was possible to find out that the diameter of the black hole is 117 kilometers, and the mass is 60 times that of the sun. What fate awaits the system after the death of the stars is difficult to say.


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