Etna throws out fountains of lava to a height of over 1000 meters

(ORDO NEWS) — The fourth paroxysmal eruption episode in just 4 days began in the southeastern crater of Etna on the evening of February 20, 2021 and continued until February 21. It was the strongest of the four episodes since February 16.

The average magnitude of the volcanic shock began to increase around 17:26 UTC on February 21, along with an increase in infrasonic signals, mainly located in the Southeast Crater.

Strombolian activity gradually increased until about 19:30 UTC, when volcanic tremors suddenly increased to maximum levels.

The lava overflow began shortly after 21:30 UTC towards Valle del Bove, eventually reaching a length of about 1 km with a front of about 2800 m.

Activity at the eastern mouth of the SE crater was gradually replaced by pulsating lava fountains by 22:00 UTC and intensified even more by 23:24 UTC.

Another burst of intensity was detected at 00:28 UTC on February 21, when the lava fountains exceeded 1,000 m above the crater.


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