Is the Sumerian Kingdom the first alien state?

(ORDO NEWS) — The Sumerian Kingdom is the most mysterious state in the history of human civilization. Knowledge, technology, architecture, etc. this people still amaze scientists with their advancement and perfection…

The civilization of the ancient Sumerians from the moment of its discovery by researchers has become a subject of discussion for many years. According to the legend of the existence of ancient astronauts, the alien presence originates in ancient Mesopotamia. Here took place one of the first cases of “contact” of earthlings with aliens.

Among the stories of incredible encounters, gods, and technology that are integral to ancient Sumerian culture, there are several that point to extraterrestrial visits by aliens to the Sumerian. Whether it was so historically no one will say now, but knowledgeable people are sure that there were aliens who “played” the role of gods.

“Then there was the flood, and after the Flood the kingdom descended from heaven again.”

Our list of great kings begins with the words “After the kingdom came down from heaven”. There were five cities “before the flood” where eight fairy kings ruled for at least 241,200 years. After the hegemony of these five “antediluvian” cities, the legends continue to tell us: The flood swept over everything.

The waters of the floods overwhelmed everything, and the kingdom (once again) descended from heaven, Kish became the place of royalty between the Tigris and the Euphrates and represented the highest form of culture of that period. The Sumerians had a very extensive astronomical knowledge, they could perform calculations with 15 digits, that is, with numbers above 100 trillion.

How they were able to learn such a mass of knowledge in a short time is of great interest for modern science. To compare the Sumerian civilization with other ancient cultures, suffice it to say that the Greeks could not count more than 10,000 units. The Sumerians, who predate the Babylonians, created modern civilization and culture as we know it.

But there are also some oddities in the history of the Sumerians. History tells us that the first ten Sumerian kings lived for a total of 456,000 years, which gives us an average life span of 45.6 thousand years each! Moreover, each Sumerian city was under the protection of “god”.

Numerous clay tablets that have been found in these amazing places speak of incredible technology, incredible history and a path that does not fit well with the main calculations of archeology and history.

UFOs in ancient Sumerian history?

If you thought that the ancient Sumerians and UFOs are two different things that have nothing in common … then most likely you are wrong. It turns out that stories about contactees, UFO sightings and flying saucers flying in the sky of the Earth are not the inventions of science fiction writers. These are stories that have deeper roots, rising like warm currents of air from time immemorial.

Ancient texts about King Ethan found in Nineveh in the Ashurbanipal library mark a mysterious event in the distant past. This is the legend of the incredible ascension of King Ethan on the Flying Ship of the “gods”.

A beautiful girl flies to Earth in a UFO. Etana was the Sumerian king of the city of Kish, and according to the Sumerian kings list, he ruled after the flood. The story about King Ethan left an amazing incident in his life: he, as a shepherd, ascended to heaven and examined all the distant lands. Legend has it that he reigned for 1560 years (other sources say 635 years) before his son inherited the throne.

The king appears in the list of Sumerian kings as the thirteenth king of the first dynasty of Kish, who was created after the flood. He was “the one who ascended to heaven.” Ethan’s story is well described by the Italian historian Alberto Fenoglio; King Etana lived about 5000 years ago, and once called by a “god” was invited to the starship of the “gods” as a guest of honor.

The ship itself, shaped like a shield, landed behind the Royal Palace, surrounded by whirlpools of flame. From the ship sailing across the sky as if on water came tall, fair-haired and dark-skinned men in white robes. They then invited the king to go with them on the flying ship – and although the entourage of King Ethan in every possible way discouraged him from this act, the king went to the outlandish ship of the gods … or rather, will aliens speak?

And one more thing, the advisers dissuaded Ethan – a natural reaction, fear of the unknown, especially the gods who descended from heaven. The king did not show cowardice before the gods, or was he really brave and ready to answer before the people, or did he know who flew in on the “starship”?

In a whirlpool of fire and clouds of smoke, the ship rose so high that the Earth with its seas, islands and continents turned out to be no more than a piece of bread, and then completely turned into a star …


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