Strange tectonic activity detected on distant exoplanet

(ORDO NEWS) — Few have heard of the planet LHS 3844b, while this body is possibly the only one outside the solar system with tectonic activity. Experts believe that half of the planet is covered with volcanoes, while the second part does not stand out.

The exoplanet is devoid of atmosphere, its size is only slightly larger than that of Earth. One half of the body is constantly affected by the Sun, so it is always heated up to 800 ° C during the day and up to 250 ° C at night. Such temperature drops will certainly affect the movement of matter inside the planet.

In the framework of various studies, it was found that on one side tectonic activity is represented by an upward current, and on the other – a downward one. In some scenarios, everything happens the other way around, which is very strange.

The planet LHS 3844b is fraught with many mysteries to be understood. So, scientists hope to find out the intensity of gas emission due to volcanism, as well as the reliability of their conclusions about volcanoes in 50% of the territory. So far, the presence of all processes on the body is awaiting confirmation.


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