Iron Age megalithic structures discovered at Fort Navan, Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have found absolutely huge religious buildings in Fort Navan outside the city of Armagh.

ARMA is the spiritual capital of Ireland, home to both Catholic and Anglican archbishops.

But before the advent of Christianity in the fifth century, it was a place of great religious significance.

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of the existence of Iron Age temples and other religious complexes.

Research teams from Queen’s University of Belfast (QUEEN’s University Belfast, QUB) and Aberdeen University have used magnetic gradiometry and electrical resistance research to find artificial structures in this area.

Iron Age megalithic structures discovered at Fort Navan Ireland

Dr. Paddy Gleeson, working in the archaeological department of the CBC, – This is probably one of the largest structures built in the first millennium BC and in the first millennium AD.


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