In Ireland, found the city where Santa Claus is buried

(ORDO NEWS) -- Lidar has helped archaeologists locate and map a medieval trading town that

Prehistoric tomb found in Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) -- The stone structure of Carraig-a-Mhaistin, discovered many years ago in the Irish

A 1600-year-old wooden idol found in a swamp in Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Experts in Ireland excavated and discovered an idol made of wood that

Fort Greenan – seat of the kings of Isleh, Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Grianan of Aileach, also called Greenan Ely or Greenan Fort, is a

Iron Age megalithic structures discovered at Fort Navan, Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers have found absolutely huge religious buildings in Fort Navan outside the

EU concerned over foreign companies over pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) -- The EU must protect its strategic companies from establishing foreign