A woman from Ireland walking in the forest encountered very strange phenomena

(ORDO NEWS) — An Irish woman claims a recent walk in the woods took a frightening and possibly mystical turn when she got lost in the woods and then heard an eerie voice trying to lead her astray.

According to local media reports, the eerie incident occurred earlier this month when a woman went for a walk in a wooded area near her home in County Meath to take a break from work and clear her mind.

At first, the walk seemed normal until she came across two identical trees at the end of the path, and from that moment began her strange adventure.

Stepping between the trees, she touched them both and noticed that one of them was warm, while the other seemed damp and cold.

Turning left, she found that the road led into a “very overgrown forest”, which seemed wrong to her, so she returned to the place and turned right, but this “also did not lead anywhere.”

Now, somewhat confused, the woman decided to simply return along the path in the direction she had come from, but now the area “did not look familiar.”

Trying to find out where she was via Google Maps proved futile due to poor signal, so she decided to “keep trying trails”, believing “I’ll get somewhere eventually”.

As she walked along the path “towards a very overgrown area”, she suddenly heard a woman’s voice of a very high tone, which called her “here”.

The woman was delighted, but the mood quickly changed when the mysterious stranger burst into a chilling laugh.

“I have never experienced such fear in my life,” the woman later recalled, “my legs tingled and my hair stood on end.”

The experience became even more terrible when the witness again heard a disembodied voice that called and laughed, but now it came from the opposite side of the forest.

At that point, she said, “I knew something was wrong” and “she had a very bad feeling that things wouldn’t end well for me if I didn’t do something.”

Although her first impulse was to flee the scene, the woman remarked that she actually had no idea in which direction she should run.

Then she remembered a few fairy tales about people in similar situations and began to turn her T-shirt inside out.

“I didn’t believe in legends and I felt like I was doing something stupid,” she admitted, but emphasized that “I felt with all my being that I just had to do it.”

Strangely, this tactic seemed to work, as she soon found two trees by the side of the path and followed it until the silence that had surrounded her before

Incredibly, when she returned to her car, she checked her Fitbit and saw that she had inexplicably walked 10,000 steps during this mysterious ordeal.

Although she used to be skeptical about the fairy tales that have long been associated with her country, she admitted that this disturbing experience made her think about the veracity of such stories.


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