A 1600-year-old wooden idol found in a swamp in Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts in Ireland excavated and discovered an idol made of wood that belonged to pagans. Its age is about 1600 years, and it was for a long time in one of the swamps of County Roscommon.

It is reported by the Irish Examiner.

The artifact was carefully removed from the swamp so as not to damage it. This unique idol was made in the Iron Age. A split oak trunk was used for it. A head was also made, which in its shape slightly resembled a human. There were also several horizontal notches along the entire body. On the territory of Ireland, only ten such idols were previously discovered. The new artifact reaches a height of 2.5 meters and is currently considered the largest among its “brothers”.

The thread research was carried out by specialists from Archaeological Management Solutions. Eve Campbell said that the idol was made about 100 years or a little more before St. Patrick arrived in Ireland. Most likely, in this way people depicted one of the ancient pagan deities.

Archaeologists have repeatedly found wood idols throughout Northern Europe, where, thanks to the marshland, ancient wood can be stored without any problems. To date, the artifact has been transported to University College Dublin. There he will be prepared for further shipment to the National Museum. A copy of the ancient idol will also be installed in the center of Ratkrogan.


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