In the Philippines, discovered the remains of ancient giant rats

(ORDO NEWS) — Cloud rats are huge rodents that lived about 67 thousand years ago. Individuals were last seen 200 years ago. These rodents are completely different from the usual rats, mice and other animals of this species.

Cloud rats had long hair, short round ears, and a long tail. These rodents were called cloudy because of their color. The rodents were silvery gray. The tails, by the way, were fluffy.

In length, healthy individuals reached 77 cm, could weigh up to three kg. In principle, the size of the cloud rodent was like an adult cat. The largest of the ancient rat species is called the Carpostal. Translated from the local dialect, Dakal means “big”.

At the excavation site, scientists have discovered three species of giant rats: ballik, Batomys Cagayanensis and dakal. They differ in size and some features of the skeleton. Archaeologists say that the human factor became the reason for the extinction of some of the largest rodents.

Rodents survived the ice age, what could kill them. Philip Piper, a co-author at the University of Australia and the organizer of excavations in the Philippines, is confident that people simply exterminated this type of rat. They could be eaten, and wool could be used for sewing clothes. Fur was prized for its softness and beautiful color. Rodent meat is an exquisite delicacy. Rabbits, nutria, hares – everyone knows about the benefits of the meat of these animals.


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