A previously unknown type of coronal rain discovered on the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — In the usual sense, rain on Earth is precipitation. How can it rain on the sun? It turns out that this is more than real and recently the satellite recorded it. Space precipitation does not consist of water, but of plasma, and it looks very impressive.

Plasma precipitation is called coronal rain by scientists. The first to discover this phenomenon was a group of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

What is known about coronal rain? It got its name because of its place of origin, namely in the crown of the Sun. It is here that hot plasma cools, condenses under the influence of a magnetic field and flows down from a height to the surface of the star. In this case, the speed of the incident plasma can reach 100 km / s.

It can be caused by a flash on a star and calm. Both are formed along magnetic closed structures. A third type of solar precipitation has now been discovered. He belongs to the calm, but differs in origin. Its peculiarity is that it appears only along the open magnetic region.

It turns out that when the closed and open magnetic areas are in contact, they are reconnected. The results are a new type of solar coronal rain. A magnetic dip forms at the reconnection point. Thus, the plasma is cooled in the dip itself, and not in the sun’s corona.


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