Prince Harry did not see his nephews during his visit to the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — Prince Harry arrived in the UK for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip. The man never saw relatives from the royal family. Harry stayed in England for only 7 days, after which he immediately returned home to his wife, pregnant with her second child.

Also, the grandson was not at the birthday of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke did not see his nephews. In general, his visit was limited to minimal contact with his family. Prince Philip’s funeral was held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The man spent all the time in Frogrom Cottage. He only visited Elizabeth II. The man could not see his brother, daughter-in-law and other members of the royal family. Most likely these circumstances are caused by restrictions due to the lockdown in the UK. Quarantine measures began to be gradually lifted only on April 12.

Also, relatives might not want to meet because of Harry and Megan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the interview, many words were said that do not paint the British aristocracy. At the same time, the married couple personally did not offend anyone.

Well, the third reason why Harry did not see his relatives (except for his grandmother) is his wife’s difficult pregnancy. Family friends say that the Duke spent all his free time talking with his wife on the phone. He is very worried, because in the summer Meghan Markle had a miscarriage.

Elizabeth II warmly received her grandson and does not blame him for the interview. She also keeps in touch with her daughter-in-law and treats them well.


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