Australian man claims to be the son of Prince Charles and Camilla

(ORDO NEWS) — The last couple of years have been really tough for the royal family. After the funeral of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, information about a nephew from Australia appeared on the Internet.

Australian engineer Simon Charles Dorante-Day has declared that he is the son of the heir to the British throne, reported by the Daily Star

Simon is 55 years old, has British roots and lives in Australia, Queensland. More recently, he demanded through the court that Prince Charles do a DNA paternity test. The man considers himself the queen’s grandson. The Australian claims that his father is the son of Elizabeth.

Charles and Camilla are the biological parents of the man, according to him. The man says that his grandmother worked for the queen. He was born in 1966 in Gosport, Hampshire. At the age of 1.5, the boy was adopted by Karen and David Day.

Simon has long been telling all his friends and acquaintances that royal blood flows in his veins. Now he wants to restore justice, and prove it officially. Therefore, the man decided to demand a DNA test through the court.

He also posted on his Facebook post, where he attached photos of himself, his mother and the royal family. The news from Simon doesn’t end there. He insists that Princess Diana knew about his existence, but together with other members of the royal family, she did not divulge the secret and did not recognize the relationship.

Why the Australian was silent all his life and came out with an official statement at such a difficult time for the Queen remains a mystery. If he wants attention or fame, we will find out after a DNA test.


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