Foods that shorten life expectancy

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(ORDO NEWS) — If you eat a small piece of cake or chocolate, you will not harm your body. A healthy diet is not a set of guidelines, but general guidelines. By adhering to them, you will always be in good spirit and health.

There are also foods that can shorten the years of a person’s life, fortunately there are only two of them.

Reported by Eat This, Not That !.

Desserts are a hidden danger. A large amount of sugar makes them literally a deadly poison for the human body. Most store-bought cakes and cookies have nothing useful in their composition. Consuming them in large quantities, a person simply poisons his body.

It is not the sugar itself that is dangerous, like “added sugar”. It is found in literally all products. You may not even be aware of this. It is he who is dangerous. Sugar and processed foods cause inflammation in the body. Jamie Faith, MD, recommends eating more fresh foods: vegetables, fruits.

The most harmful foods include soda and candy. Nutritionists are sounding the alarm for this overconsumption of added sugars. Also, these products contain a lot of dyes and preservatives.

Such a poisonous cocktail provokes not only the appearance of excess weight, but also chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract.


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