In September, a huge asteroid will fly by near the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The asteroid, which was named 2010 RJ53, has a fairly large diameter, which reaches 774 meters. It will fly near our planet on September 9 at a distance of about 366 thousand kilometers. It is even closer than the Moon is to Earth.

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It is worth noting that another asteroid 2021 PT, which is slightly smaller in size, will fly near the planet on August 29. The distance will be about 4.9 million kilometers. The diameter of this object is only 137 meters.

Despite the fact that the asteroids will fly at a fairly close distance, experts say that there is no cause for concern. At the same time, NASA employees made a statement at all that in the next 100 years one should not be afraid of an asteroid impact.

Space objects of various sizes regularly fly near the Earth. The danger of huge asteroids is that our planet’s gravity can affect their flight path.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that such a scenario is considered the worst for humanity, because it is impossible to cope with such a catastrophe or somehow change events. It is for this reason that large space objects are constantly being monitored in order to predict and understand the level of threat to the Earth.


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