China believes COVID-19 may have escaped from US laboratory

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(ORDO NEWS) — Zhen Xu, who is China‘s representative to WHO, sent an official letter to the director general, in which he asked to start an investigation into a possible leak of coronavirus from a military base located in the United States.

It is reported by the Global Times.

The letter says that it is necessary to check whether the coronavirus could have been specially developed in a laboratory belonging to the Fort Detrick military base, which is located near Washington.

Previously, this base was used in order to develop biological weapons, but after it was banned at the international level, experts began to conduct research on various viral diseases.

China believes that it was there that they were engaged in “dark experiments” that were commissioned directly by the government of the country.

It is worth noting that China’s appeal to WHO, which is related to the coronavirus, was the first. Previously, they did not demand that an investigation be started regarding the leakage of a dangerous infection that provoked the development of a pandemic.

An interesting point is that a special online petition was added to the sent letter, which, according to some sources, has managed to gain more than 25 million signatures to date.


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