In Italy, because of the heat, long-sunken ships “surfaced”

(ORDO NEWS) — Europe is facing incredible heat. In some regions, the air temperature is so high that the Po River, which is located in Italy, has become very shallow in places.

The temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. This was the reason that two ships “surfaced” to the surface of the water, which sank during the Second World War.

One of the ships Ostiglia, whose length is 55 meters, the second ship Zibello, were under water for 77 years. Previously, when the weather was hot, only the bow of the ships was shown from the water.

Today, they can be seen in full and consider even minor details. It is worth noting that a vehicle was also found in the immediate vicinity of the ships, which the Nazis sank at the end of April 1945. They did this so that the advancing enemy forces would not receive the car.

The Italian authorities said that in the near future it is planned to completely restore the car in order to transfer it to the museum.

In this case, the ships will continue to remain in the water. Gualtieri Renzo Bergamini, mayor of the municipality, said that it is almost impossible to get them out of the water so as not to damage them.

Alessio Bonin, a local amateur photographer, was the first to take pictures of the ships that suddenly appeared on the surface of the water for everyone.

To do this, he used a drone. He noted that their raising to the surface is a very serious reason to think. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Po river has sunk 3.4 meters below sea level. Such a severe drought in Italy has not been recorded for 70 years.


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