In Italy, a suitcase with cocaine fell on the roof of a house

(ORDO NEWS) — A suitcase with drugs fell on the roof of one of the houses located on the island of Sardinia in the small town of Baratili San Pietro. They found 8.5 kg of a narcotic substance in it. Such an unusual cargo would cost 9 million euros. The suitcase was carefully dropped from a small plane flying at low altitude over private houses.

Reported by The Guardian.

The police were summoned by the owners of the house, who heard a loud bang on the roof. The authorities opened the suitcase on their own. After that, the local press immediately published publications that “cocaine rain” had passed in Sardinia.

The investigation lasted four months and was named “Fly Down”. The police managed to find and detain the pilot of the plane from which the suitcase was thrown. The pilot was Francesco Rizzo from Rome.

Police said that a small plane took off from Rome, which disappeared from radar while flying over a city in Sardinia. It could not be detected for 20 minutes due to the fact that the plane descended too low. It was at this time that the suitcase was dropped.

Experts additionally analyzed the GPS installed on board the aircraft and found that before throwing off the drugs, the pilot made several circles over the town. Today, the search for those people for whom the suitcase was intended is being actively pursued.


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