The grave of the “giant” was discovered in South Korea

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from South Korea were engaged in excavations in the necropolis, which was erected during the reign of Sil.  Archaeologists managed to find the remains of a man who was very tall.

“Giant” died almost fifteen hundred years ago. Scientists examined the skeleton and determined that its height was 180 cm. At the same time, the average height at that time was not more than 165 cm and all men were quite short. Reported by SBS News.

Archaeologists also noted the fact that the person lies in a very strange position. It seems that he was placed in a coffin that was not the right size.

The man’s feet were turned in different directions, and his face did not look up. In addition, scientists have found traces of severe deformity of the spine. Most likely, it arose as a result of severe physical exertion, which provoked the development of an intervertebral hernia.

In the burial, no objects were found that could indicate what the “giant” was doing. With the skeleton, archaeologists found only a couple of clay shards, and next to the head was a metal stick, which may have once been part of a hoe. No weapons were found in the grave, although such physical data could well allow a man to become a skilled warrior.

Scientists will further explore the skeleton. Based on the state of the bones, they are going to establish exactly what conditions the man lived in and what was included in his diet.


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