Ancient bronze helmet discovered in Croatia

(ORDO NEWS) — In Croatia, experts have discovered an ancient bronze helmet, which was used in Greece during the Greco-Persian wars. He was found in one of the tombs located in Croatian Dalmatia.

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A Greek warrior was buried in the investigated tomb around the 4th century BC. It is worth noting that a helmet with an open face appeared in the Peloponnese in the 8th century BC. For the first time, this form was used during hostilities by the Scythians, as well as the Etruscans. It later became famous as an Illyrian helmet.

A treasury was also discovered in the warrior’s grave. In it, experts were able to find ancient weapons, including special knives and spears. Together with this warrior, at least two more people were buried. One of them was a woman whose archaeologists found a bronze bracelet.

Other finds include amber beads, bronze tweezers and various jewelry, needles and brooches made of silver. A very important find was also thirty vases, which are mostly of Greek origin.

Such an unusual find was made when archaeologists were restoring a previously damaged mound. Scientists noted that the bones of the warrior were found in too bad condition. They added that the burial mound under study still contains a huge amount of treasures that may soon be discovered.


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