In Egypt, found a cache filled with sarcophagi and statues

(ORDO NEWS) — During the latest excavations at the famous archaeological site of Saqqara, which is located south of Cairo, archaeologists managed to find an unusual cache.

In it, they found several dozen sarcophagi, as well as bronze figurines in the amount of 150 pieces. It is worth noting that among them there was even an image of the architect Imhotep.

Saqqara is a huge necropolis that belonged to the capital of Ancient Egypt, Memphis. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List a few years ago.

The necropolis contains more than ten pyramids of various sizes, numerous burials, as well as ancient Coptic Christian monasteries. The region is incredibly valuable for scientists and hides a huge number of secrets.

Specialists showed the discovered artifacts during an exhibition near the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which is located at a distance of 24 kilometers from Cairo.

The exhibition featured 150 ancient statuettes made of bronze. Among them, the statuette of Imhotep, who became the real revolutionary in the field of architecture in Ancient Egypt, attracts the most attention.

Imhotep lived in the 3rd millennium BC. It was he who became the creator of the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which is considered one of the very first in ancient Egypt.

After some time, he began to be called the god of medicine. The rest of the figurines are images of many other ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses who were revered by the locals.

Archaeologists also exposed 250 wooden sarcophagi with mummies inside. They were preliminarily dated to about the 5th century BC.

Inside one of the many sarcophagi, an untouched papyrus sealed with a seal was found. He was sent immediately to the laboratory of the Egyptian National Museum in the center of Cairo. Experts will soon carry out restoration and study the artifact.

Papyrus, which is 9 meters long, includes some chapters from the Book of the Dead. In addition, archaeologists managed to find a huge number of bronze vessels that were used for the rituals of the fertility goddess Isis.


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