In China, there is a funnel leading to the real underworld: Scientists were surprised by what they saw in the depths

(ORDO NEWS) — The bowels of our planet Earth will surprise ordinary people for a long time to come.

For scientists, this is a long and even eternal work of studying the natural world. A new failure discovered in China only confirms this.

In southern China, near Lei County, scientists have discovered an incredible sinkhole. And this is the thirtieth such funnel in the Chinese region. Usually these failures are called karst.

This time, scientists were struck not only by the size of the funnel, but also by its content. At its very bottom was a prosperous and untouched by mankind primeval forest.

In China there is a funnel leading to the real underworld scientists were surprised by what they saw in the depths 2

Its ancient trees are about 40 meters high, and shade-loving plants reach the size of a man. The size of the discovered funnel is approximately 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters deep.

But the volume of the karst failure is more than five million cubic meters. In addition, three massive entrances were found within its walls.

It took Chinese explorers several hours to get to the bottom of the funnel on ropes. In the future, the flora and fauna of the failure is planned to be studied in detail.

Funnel feature

The formation of karst sinkholes is facilitated by diverse natural factors that have a direct and indirect impact on the land: showers, mudflows, severe droughts.

Human activity can also have some effect on such funnels. Systems of karst failures reach and exceed hundreds of meters. And there are similar sights in China, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.


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