In China, from 30 to 60 thousand people died from coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the simulation of Dr. Giresh Kanji from the University of Auckland, the real number of deaths in China varies between 30-60 thousand people. At the same time, official statistics speak of only 3346 dead.

Modeling showed that the minimum number of infected in China is 300 thousand people, of which about 30 thousand were killed, if not more. In countries around the world, the mortality rate is 20-40%, while in the Middle Kingdom it is only 5%.

If we take Italy and the USA, the mortality rate there exceeded 40%, which is an honest indicator. In China, the numbers are significantly underestimated. Due to global deception, Western countries could not assess the level of danger and how to prepare for the epidemic.

Thailand and Vietnam are close to the Middle Kingdom. They had real information about what was happening in China, so they quickly almost completely closed the borders. Chinese entry into Taiwan was banned on February 7th. Today, this country lives an ordinary life, as it was able to react in time.


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