New studies show that three million people are infected with coronavirus in China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On the website of the Institute of American Entrepreneurship, the results of a study by Derek Scissors appeared. According to expert estimates, there are about three million coronavirus infected in the Celestial Empire.

The official statistics of China are in doubt for almost everyone. At the same time, China itself claims to be “open and transparent.” Some statistical model showed millions of infected. It also includes asymptomatic patients, which China for some reason does not take into account at all.

The fact that the Chinese authorities have never reported how many coronavirus tests they have done makes us think. Perhaps they do not specifically conduct large-scale testing, so that later they will not clutch their heads. If so, then even the Beijing government itself does not know the real situation in the country.

In the USA, according to Johns Hopkins University, 640 thousand people fell ill, while in China – 83 thousand. Moreover, the population density in the Middle Kingdom is much higher. China is clearly hiding information, plus it cannot provide the population with a virus test. Many suspects were never examined.


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