In Britain, archaeologists have found a dagger that is 2,000 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — The artifact was discovered in the village of Netherton in North Lanarkshire. During the repair of the M8, M73, M74 highways, workers came across an unusual find.

In Britain archaeologists have found a dagger that is 2 000 years old 1

A knife in the place where a house was in the Middle Ages. Archaeologists claim that this item was used for rituals. It is reported by

In the Middle Ages, there was a village on the site of the modern road. From about the 14th to the 17th century, people lived and worked here. Then it was demolished by the Dukes of Hamilton. Only a few buildings remained from the village, which had already been completely destroyed during the construction of the highway.

An ancient knife was found quite by accident among the foundations of one of the former buildings. It is perfectly preserved and protected by a scabbard. Whetstones and coins of the 17th century were also found nearby.

Archaeologists think that the ritual dagger was specially laid in the foundation of the house. Most likely it was used as a good luck talisman. In the Middle Ages, in order to protect the house from evil spirits and bad weather, various amulets were laid at the construction stage.

Gemma Cruickshanks, an employee of the National Museum in Scotland, spoke about the analysis of the dagger. First, the shape of the dagger suggests that it belongs to the Iron Age. Secondly, hydrocarbon analysis confirmed the estimated age of the knife, it is indeed about 2 thousand years old.


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