Hyperrealistic dolphin robot in Chinese aquarium

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(ORDO NEWS) — The dolphin you see in this photo is fake! This is a robot created by Edge Innovations. It is almost impossible to distinguish a copy from a real animal, and the company accepts this as the best compliment, because their project aims to free living dolphins from amusement parks, replacing them with robots.

The incredibly realistic dolphin was designed and built by special effects specialists from Edge Innovations, as well as Walt Conti and Roger Holzberg of Walt Disney Imagineering.

The robot weighs 270 kilograms, holds a charge for 10 hours and can “live” in salt water for about 10 years. An amazingly realistic skeletal and muscular structure helps the structure move like a real animal.

The only drawback of this dolphin is that it cannot yet work autonomously. Instead, it is controlled by the operator to respond in real time to commands.

Already, this model is being tested in a new aquarium in China. Edge Innovations hopes to sell up to 150 dolphin robots over the next three years.

Robotic dolphins and other creatures can be a solution for aquariums and theme amusement parks that have captive whales and dolphins, as they face growing pressure from the public and many companies that oppose keeping animals in captivity.


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