Scientists discover why dolphins help people catch fish

(ORDO NEWS) -- It has long been observed that dolphins help people catch fish. Scientists

Dolphins can ‘scream when it’s noisy’

(ORDO NEWS) -- Dolphins are known to have human-like intelligence, but a new study suggests

Stranded dolphins show signs of Alzheimer’s disease

(ORDO NEWS) -- The mysterious behavior of cetaceans, which "commit suicide" by throwing themselves ashore,

Biologists have discovered that male dolphins work together to protect females

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists at Murdoch University have found that male dolphins can form "male

Feline Toxoplasma kills Hawaiian dolphins

(ORDO NEWS) -- Although usually only terrestrial animals suffer from toxoplasmosis, this microscopic parasite is

Dolphins form the largest cooperative communities in nature

(ORDO NEWS) -- Violent competition for females forces bottlenose dolphin males to form multi-level self-help

US Navy put cameras on dolphins, and the results are amazing

(ORDO NEWS) -- Clicks and joyful squeals of victory make up the soundtrack of our

Dozens of turtles and dolphins have been found dead in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) -- Up to 65 turtles and 14 dolphins have been found dead on

30 dead dolphins found on a beach in northwest Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) -- At least 30 common short-beaked dolphins have been found dead in the

Underwater self-treatment: Dolphins rub against corals to get rid of skin diseases

(ORDO NEWS) -- It turns out that dolphins also self-medicate. In the northern Red Sea

Dolphins are capable of self-healing

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international team of scientists has concluded that dolphins deliberately rub against