Humanity needs to prepare for a pandemic that will come after COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe that right now we need to start preparing for a new pandemic that could break out in the world after the coronavirus.

Long before the start of the pandemic, experts knew that an outbreak of an unknown disease could soon occur. People too thoughtlessly interfere with nature and come into contact with animals that can carry dangerous pathogens. At the moment, this has already happened, but nothing much has changed.

People cannot fully survive the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s scary to imagine what future pandemics could lead to. Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute are confident that preparations should begin immediately. It is worth starting to develop broadly neutralizing antibodies that can deal with most diseases. Such antibodies will help to hold out for the first time, until specialists develop a suitable vaccine.

Dennis Burton and Eric Poplar added that next time, humanity might not get off so easily. If the coronavirus, which is a relatively simple virus, has led to a huge number of deaths, then new strains of it, or a completely different pathogen, can provoke a situation that will be several times worse than what has developed today.


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