Huge number two appeared on the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — On August 11, experts, looking through the next photos from SOHO devices, noticed a figure that appeared on the surface of our star. So, the figure clearly shows the number “2”.

What happened cannot fit into the head of any sane person, since the appearance of any signs on the Sun is, in principle, impossible, especially those that people use.

No scientist can offer a version explaining the anomaly. Perhaps there is a message for people, but what it can mean is a mystery. If you delve deeper into the meaning of the Arabic number 2, then it symbolizes harmony, balance, attention and love. Numerologists say that if a deuce comes into a person’s life, it means that he needs to trust his guardian angel more. This is the only way to cope with all the difficulties and overcome the crisis situation.

The image itself was obtained from the NASA EIT 171. There were no comments from the employees of the space agency. Probably, they also cannot understand how this is possible. They are also speculating about how they even allowed such a strange picture to get onto the Internet.


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