Huge spot formed on the Sun: it can strike the Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — A new huge spot appeared on the Sun, which is facing the Earth. This can cause very strong flares that will head towards our planet.

Sunspot AR2770, which was discovered just a few days ago, will continue to grow. At the same time, the spot managed to release a couple of small flares, which did not provoke any serious anomalies on Earth. The size of the spot can reach 50 thousand kilometers and therefore can well release a huge amount of energy. Such outbreaks can adversely affect satellites, radios, electrical grids and other systems.

The spot, in turn, is a dark area on the Sun. Dark spots appear due to the fact that these areas are slightly cooler than the sun itself. The spots contain charged gases that can provoke incredibly strong magnetic currents. The inhomogeneity of the “magnetic field” of the Sun arises due to the fact that gases are constantly in motion. During each solar cycle, different levels of activity occur.

Due to the changing magnetic fields on sunspots, explosions result from explosions that are thrown into outer space. The energy of these explosions can be incredibly powerful.

At the moment, experts have announced that the 25th solar cycle has begun. Regardless of whether solar activity begins to increase or the minimum remains, the Earth should not expect anything good. The lack of activity has turned the planet into a microwave, and its increase can provoke the emergence of powerful flares on the Sun.


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