How to choose sweet oranges – some useful tips

(ORDO NEWS) — Winter is traditionally the season for citrus fruits: lemons, tangerines, oranges. The more of them on the shelves, the higher the chances of buying sour fruits.

And after one such purchase, you want to bring home oranges less and less. There are a few tips that will help you buy really sweet exotic fruits.

Tip 1 – look for oranges with a “navel”

There is a characteristic navel on oranges of the Washington Navel variety (literally translated as Washington navel). These fruits will be sweet and juicy.

The variety itself is one of the most common in the world. The navel is a growth on the tip of the fetus, which is an underdeveloped second fetus.

Fruits weighing from 150 to 300 grams have a rounded shape, slightly elongated.

The peel has a bright orange color and a fine-grained structure. When cleaning fruits, the peel is somewhat difficult to separate from the pulp.

Tip 2 – fruits with a thick skin are always sweeter

And this is confirmed in practice. Varieties of oranges with thick skin are always sweeter and juicier.

Such fruits are easy to clean, but they have one drawback. Thick skin gives oranges extra weight, and no one wants to overpay for cleaning.

Also focus on the weight, not the size of the fetus. You can choose large oranges, but they will be hollow, like a dry sponge. The taste of such fruits is actually like that of grass. But a heavy fruit will always be juicy.

If you like sweet and sour oranges, then you can choose a Sicilian orange. Its characteristic feature is bright red pulp. The fruits are juicy, sweet with pronounced sourness.

Unfortunately, the suppliers do not specify which varieties they import. Therefore, you have to rely on intuition and advice.

But you can see from which country the fruits were imported. It is said that the sweetest varieties are imported from India.


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