Physicist told how to properly cook spaghetti

(ORDO NEWS) — In Italy, a discourse related to spaghetti has flared up. Michelin-starred chefs, Italians and a Nobel Prize winner in physics argue.

How to properly cook spaghetti, a challenge to the traditions of Italian cuisine, controversies and scandals surrounding pasta rage online and on local television.

The controversy began after the brilliant physicist Giorgio Parisi proposed to change the technique of cooking pasta.

He advises turning off the heat in the middle of the cooking process. In this way, the product will be cooked and heated by steam. The Italians did not like the purely scientific approach.

Chef Antonello Colona was the first to react negatively to such advice.

The owner of the Michelin star criticized the scientist’s advice and said that in this way the paste would simply become rubbery. No decent cook would spoil a dish like that.

Students from Nottingham Tren University came to defend the physicist. They decided to test Parisi’s theory in practice.

Having cooked spaghetti according to his method, they found out that it is possible to reduce the cooking time by half, while the taste of the dish remains original.

In the course of “practical work” they figured out how to reduce energy costs even more.

For this, the paste was soaked in water for several hours, and then immersed in boiling water for just 60 seconds. The pasta turned out just as tasty, with the necessary texture.

Italians are against this method. They believe that breaking the established tradition is a bad tone. It is better to cook the old-fashioned way, as grandparents did, etc.

The British liked the theory and practice. They were especially attracted by the idea of ​​saving money on cooking.

On average, the UK spends £4,690,000 on pasta per week! And new methods will help reduce costs by 2 or more times.


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