Scientists have learned why obesity is more dangerous for men than for women

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of researchers has identified the causes of the danger of overweight for males.

In 2018, scientists from University College London (UK), York University (Canada) and Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden) conducted a study on mice and found something interesting.

Namely, in overweight females, many new blood vessels grew, which supplied adipose tissue with oxygen, while in obese males this process was much less pronounced.

In a new study the same team of scientists focused on differences in so-called endothelial cells, which make up the building blocks of blood vessels in adipose tissue.

Using computer programs, the authors of the work found that in female mice, the processes associated with the proliferation of new blood vessels are more pronounced than in males

In the latter, instead, processes correlated with the development of inflammatory reactions predominated.

The researchers studied the behavior of male and female endothelial cells after they were extracted from the body of males and females.

Even in petri dishes, these cells behaved differently: female cells replicated faster, while male cells showed greater sensitivity to the inflammatory stimulus.

Therefore, male mice with overweight, according to scientists, are more prone to the development of such dangerous diseases as cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes than females.

The genetics of rodents and humans differ, but the researchers still believe that their findings can probably be tentatively transferred to Homo sapiens.


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