How fast can humans stop global warming

(ORDO NEWS) — The process of increasing the average temperature on the planet will continue even if tomorrow people completely abandon the burning of fossil fuels.

This is explained by the fact that the heat that was formed due to combustion earlier will still continue to heat the air. So will humanity be able to stop climate change and how soon?

According to climate science professor Richard B. (Ricky) Rude, in fact, the very first theories about climate change were greatly simplified.

The models created by scientists included only the atmosphere, and only then land, oceans, ice sheets, biological and chemical features were added to it.

Modern models already demonstrate quite accurately how greenhouse gases behave. This makes it possible to distinguish between the heat contained in the ocean and the heating of the air due to carbon dioxide.

Now experts believe that if all sources of heat (greenhouse gases, due to which heat is distributed through ocean currents, weather changes) can be eliminated, then the highest temperature on the planet will be observed in 10 years rather than 40.

This peak will become the point at which the temperature begins to stabilize . However, even if this happens, due to the heat they accumulate, the melting of ice, rising sea levels and other processes associated with climate change will continue.

How fast can humans stop global warming 2

This is especially true for the oceans. They, according to the expert, even after the cessation of greenhouse gas emissions will affect the climate due to the heat they accumulate for another 100 or even more years.

Due to the fact that the ocean itself is dynamic, the dissipation of heat energy will also be uneven as the temperature stabilizes.

At the same time, all the data known to date indicate that in the near future people will face accelerated global warming.

Therefore, we need to try to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and adapt to the ongoing changes.


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