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How effective is mass revaccination

How effective is mass revaccination

(ORDO NEWS) — An international group of scientists, including employees of the World Health Organization (WHO), published an article in The Lancet magazine in which they figured out whether mass revaccination against coronavirus is effective.

Experts are sure that the existing vaccines are quite reliable and there is no urgent need for a repeat course of vaccinations for the majority. In addition, according to experts, not meeting the deadlines for revaccination can lead to serious consequences.

For example, too early or too frequent repeated doses can lead to myocardial and Guillain-Barré syndrome. “The benefits of primary vaccination against COVID-19 clearly outweigh the risks, but they can still arise if booster doses are administered in violation of temporary norms,” the article says.

At the same time, even primary vaccination is impossible in some regions of the world, while doctors insist that the drugs should be made available to all countries.

According to doctors, if the level of general immunity remains high enough, there is no need to revaccinate the population.

In addition, decreasing immunity to infection in a patient does not necessarily mean a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug over time. Therefore, before recommending booster doses of vaccines, experts will need to conduct appropriate studies.


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