Why do children who spend a lot of time with gadgets have more friends

(ORDO NEWS) — The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Colorado in the USA.

Children who spend more time on gadgets are only slightly more likely to have attention problems, sleep disturbances, or academic performance.

At the same time, they often have more friends – this is partly due to the fact that such students communicate more on the Internet, reports the Knife publication, citing a study by scientists from the University of Colorado in the United States.

The experiment involved 11.8 thousand children aged 9-10 years. Psychologists studied the questionnaires of schoolchildren, in which they answered questions about the time spent with the gadget, as well as reports of parents about problems with behavior and study. In addition, experts conducted a diagnosis of the psychological well-being of schoolchildren.

What else we found out:

  • Gadgets are not associated with anxiety and depression in children.
  • Boys spend an average of 45 minutes more than girls in front of a gadget screen (nearly five hours a day on weekends and four hours on weekdays).
  • Girls spend more time on social media and boys spend more time on video games.
  • The socioeconomic status of a student is 2.5 times more likely to influence behavioral problems than a gadget. Screen time accounts for only two percent of the difference between children on this criterion.
  • The connection between screen time and individual psychological problems does not necessarily lie in the use of the gadget. It is possible that the opposite is true: a student spends a lot of time with a phone or tablet due to psychological problems.

Scientists separately note that the results of their study may not be applicable to children of a different age.


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