Hogwarts in the sky: Parallel universe appeared in the skies over China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The inhabitants of China almost believed in a miracle when in the sky their eyes appeared hovering in the sky “Hogwarts”. However, there was no magic here, just nature sometimes also works wonders, for example, in the form of a mirage.

The people of China practically believed in a real miracle when the Hogwarts appeared in the sky over their country, hovering in zero gravity. But in fact, there is absolutely no magic in this, because nature can also sometimes create miracles, for example, mirages.

This incredible event happened on September 11 in the small town of China Jinan. Locals noticed an incomprehensible flying structure in the sky, which in its appearance resembled the well-known Hogwarts school of magic. It is this school that is mentioned in the story of the young wizard Harry Potter.

Many might think that this is just a montage, but one of the users of the Chinese site Weibo managed to capture an incredible phenomenon on video. The resulting footage was immediately posted on social networks. Those who believed that a magical structure had indeed appeared in the sky were very disappointed when they learned that this was nothing more than a common natural phenomenon – a mirage.

As a rule, this occurs in situations where there is a large amount of moisture in the air, and the temperature becomes much higher than the temperature of the water in water bodies located nearby. Due to the difference in temperature, light rays are refracted, which pass from one plane to another. Due to this, various structures can suddenly appear among the clouds. It can happen anywhere.

Now the Chinese are asking a different question – what kind of structure appeared among the clouds a few days ago? Some have suggested that it may be a building that is located a few kilometers from the place where the mirage appeared.

It should be noted that extremely rare natural phenomena appear over China quite often, and therefore the Chinese are no longer particularly surprised by non-standard situations.


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