Great silence of the Universe: Unusual theories about the origin of man

(ORDO NEWS) — If we start with the great mysteries of mankind, then a number of questions arise about the true truth of the origin of man.

Two of them are the following: Has an advanced civilization finally decided to colonize the Universe, and are people the result of such an action? Are people under the supervision of “strangers” who monitor how they develop and in what direction they move?

These questions arose not recently and not in the modern period.

On the contrary, since ancient times, people have tried to explain to themselves their existence on planet Earth and asked themselves the question whether there are somehow beings superior to them, who are watching them and can help or harm them.

At first, many legends about the origin of man appeared, which tried to answer these questions using as many different explanations as possible, ranging from the idea of ​​​​gods descending from heaven, traveling in “chariots of fire”, and ending with unknown creatures that appeared from the waters on board some mysterious ships.

Over time, these legends developed into whole mythologies, and later a person began to approach this topic more intellectually, writing down knowledge and reasoning on this topic in books.

The work “A Compendium Of Universal History. Ancient And Modern, By The Author Of ‘Two Thousand Questions On The Old And New Testaments” raises seven main questions. They are the following:

– Who are these people?

– Where did they come from?

– For what purpose were they created?

– What are they for?

– How long do they exist?

Why do they exist?

What is the ultimate purpose of their existence?

The work consists of ten volumes and includes all the knowledge related to these issues accumulated by people up to the time of publication. A very interesting detail is included in the third volume entitled “Commentarius in Acta Apostolorum, Epistolas Canonicas et Apocalypsin”.

This chapter talks about the apparent existence of parallel universes and mentions the fact that in the event of a major catastrophe or apocalypse, worthy and wise people will be evacuated to these parallel worlds.

Even in the work “Turris Babel” (“Tower of Babel”) by the Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher in 1679, there are references to parallel worlds and even contains an engraving with a map of parallel universes.

This penal colony in the Andaman Islands in the 1890s may have been a colony set up by aliens who some believe may be behind human origins.

Great silence of the Universe Unusual theories about the origin of man 2

Human origins: Penal colony and Alien observers

One of the 32 volumes “Histoire du peuple de Dieu” (“History of the people of God”) by the French Jesuit historian Isaac-Joseph Berruyere speaks of the most ancient temples known to history. This volume mentions that God was actually a man.

In addition, the same volume of the book states that God punished both humans and other gods by forcing them to live on planet Earth, which was just one of many colonies in our universe. Thus, a theory arises about a penal colony created by God or aliens.

According to this theory, aliens can also be, in fact, people who once lived in a civilized world located somewhere in another corner of space. Some of these extraterrestrial people committed a very great sin or deed and were deported from their mother planet and exiled to Earth.

Here, these alien exiles became the first inhabitants of Earth, and they had to start everything from scratch. It has been scientifically proven that only 7% of human DNA contains elements characteristic of the planet Earth. The rest is of unknown origin, and the colony-settlement theory can be seen as an explanation for this mystery.

According to another theory, various civilizations with varying degrees of development succeeded each other on planet Earth, some more developed, others less developed.

At a certain point in their evolution, these civilizations experienced a cataclysm, a kind of apocalypse, which marked the end of the development and existence of one civilization and the beginning of a new one.

All these stages of the evolution of successive civilizations were observed and recorded by a group of immortal beings who lived and continue to live among people. We are talking about the observers represented on the engravings of the Dutch Historical Bible.

They never reveal their identity, do not interfere, but observe and record human activities from the very beginning.

Those who watch people from the shadows are depicted in the Dutch Historical Bible in engravings, where they record everything that they observe around them. Their records thus constitute a whole series of secret chronicles containing all the secrets of human civilizations.

Great silence of the Universe Unusual theories about the origin of man 3

Extraterrestrial origin of man

Other interesting aspects regarding the possible extraterrestrial origin of man are connected with Egypt. The first Egyptian pharaoh, whose existence is recognized by historians and archaeologists as a real fact, appears quite late in history.

However, before him, Egypt had a whole previous history, behind which stood whole millennia of the development of the human race. Since we are talking about a very distant period, researchers tend to call it a “fabulous epic.”

As for the ancient Egyptians, they considered themselves direct descendants of the gods. Old legends said that the gods descended from heaven, took the land of Egypt under their rule and colonized it.

Between 2000 and 1110 BC, during the period of the Theban Monarchy, the Egyptian priests claimed that man, as he originally appeared on Earth, did not have any evolutionary mechanisms. Therefore, with the advent of the gods, humanity received the knowledge of what it means to build a civilization.

For millennia, the gods ruled, among which are Ptah, Amun, Ra, Shu, Seb, Osiris, Set and Horus. Over time, through the mixing of blood, there was a transition from the dynasty of the gods to the historical human dynasties.

In the summer of 1994, archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Faiyum. They discovered underground mummified tombs that date back to around 6000 BC and have been studied in genetic laboratories.

It was found that the DNA of these mummies in some sequences differs from the human genotype. These differences were significant, and they could not be the result of simple genetic mutations. Thus, it can be concluded that these mummies were not of human origin.

They also have some human characteristics, but not completely, they could only come about as a result of mixing between different species, between terrestrial and extraterrestrial species.

However, people often wonder if aliens exist and if they are watching them from space. However, much less frequently do they ask themselves if they share their own planet, Earth, with beings and mysterious entities they know nothing about.

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UFOs have been captured on film and in photographs as they exit and enter volcanoes. Man has managed to explore a very small percentage of the Earth’s oceans.

Although many ancient texts, such as Pliny’s “Historia Naturalis”, spoke of mysterious creatures that built entire civilizations at the bottom of the deepest oceans and who from time to time come to the surface in giant metal ships.

Therefore, not only should aliens be the subject of study, but we should also consider the possibility that aliens are living among us.


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