German forensic scientist said that for many deceased coronavirus was the last straw in the “piggy bank” of diseases

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to Klaus Puschel, head of the forensic medical examination of Hamburg, coronavirus is not as scary as everyone describes. Such a statement was made after numerous autopsies of people who died from COVID-19.

In many countries, people whose lives were taken by the coronavirus are cremated. In Germany, some bodies are opened for study. According to the pathologist, the quarantine measures adopted today are not so justified, because in fact the virus is not as deadly as everyone believes. Economic damage is not comparable to virus threats.

Klaus Puschel in almost all cases observed many other diseases in humans. This is cancer, and chronic lung diseases, and obesity, and diabetes. Coronavirus was the last straw that the body could not withstand.

Only in some cases can COVID-19 be called a truly deadly disease. In all the rest, this is a common viral infection with which a healthy body can easily cope. The rapid spread of the virus is due to the fact that people’s immunity is not yet adapted to it.


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