Ancient coins and gold jewelry were found in Germany

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient silver and gold were found by treasure hunters in Germany.

This is one of the biggest finds found in this country in recent decades! Historians say the ancient artefacts are directly related to trade with the Vikings.

Treasure hunters found the treasure with the help of metal detectors. Gold jewelry and silver coins were among the valuables. Experts say there were even Byzantine earrings and one Islamic-style coin.

The treasure was found in the Schleswig-Holstein region. The UNESCO world heritage site, namely Hedeby, is located here.

In this area, a lot of treasure hunters and professional archaeologists conduct their research works, which from time to time give very successful results.

The Vikings lived in this place between the 8th and 9th centuries. In 1066, Hedeby was destroyed. It turned out that after several centuries someone buried the treasures here.

They lay untouched for 800 years! One can only guess how many more treasures may be buried in this area.

The treasure hunters, when they found the jewels, did not keep them for themselves, but immediately informed the department of Schleswig-Holstein.

Archaeologists arrived at the site and completed the excavation.

They pulled out a pair of quality earrings made of gold inlaid with semi-precious stones. A gilded brooch in the form of a pseudo coin was also found.

The findings did not end there. Archaeologists discovered gilded rings, ring brooches and 30 pieces of silver.

The director of the Schleswig-Holstein Department, Ulf Ickerodt, says that some of the artifacts are badly damaged and need reconstruction.

Ulf also said that the found coin in the Islamic style was not genuine, it was an imitation of the Almohad gold dinar.

Now it is impossible to say for sure whether it was someone’s personal treasure or it was intended to be passed on to someone else.

Perhaps there is a burial ground nearby, and along with the body, in the distant past, people buried valuables belonging to the deceased person.


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