A lamb with six legs was born in Germany

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual lamb was born on one of the farms in Germany. The thing is that it was born with 6 legs. The animal survived after giving birth and will soon be able to go to pasture.

Such a strange addition to the barn was shared on the Internet by farmer Brand Tinter.

The man says that the condition of the lamb is closely monitored at the farm. Immediately after the lamb was born, the veterinarian bandaged one of its legs so that it could stand up.

Brand Tinter hopes that the lamb can be cured and put back on its feet. He says that the animal was born alive, just with two extra legs. If he can be helped, he will make every effort to keep the lamb alive.

Whitehouse Farm co-owner Heather Hogarty says this is the second such incident in the farm’s quarter of a century of existence.

By the way, earlier in March 2022, a lamb with a similar mutation was born in England. Only he had only one extra leg. Biologists say that such cases occur 1 time in a million.

In most cases, such animals are euthanized. They are often born with multiple mutations and are doomed to a long, painful death.

But this lamb is unique, except for extra hooves, the vet did not diagnose any other mutations, so it was left on the farm.

In the future, the animal may need surgery to remove extra limbs. If they prevent him from moving, amputation is inevitable. Meanwhile, farmers are making every effort to save the unique curly mutant.

The sheep that gave birth to this miracle is also alive and well. They have been moved to a separate stall, are given delicious food and are visited regularly to make sure that everything is okay with them.


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