Fruits and berries that cause migraines in humans

(ORDO NEWS) — Chronic headaches are an extremely dangerous and unpleasant ailment. Conventional pain relievers do not help with this pain. She can appear at any time. Certain fruits and berries can provoke the appearance of migraines.

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Experts have studied the information of four thousand patients who suffer from chronic migraine. Also, 1.1 thousand people were studied who complain of headaches. The researchers noticed that within 5-10 minutes after eating certain fruits and berries, they began to have a painful attack.

Everyone’s favorite foods are on the list of prohibited foods. We are used to eating them, giving them to children, bringing them from resorts, growing them in the garden and in the fields. The list included:

  • watermelon;
  • passion fruit;
  • orange;
  • banana;
  • papaya;
  • grapes.

It was after eating these fruits and berries that people soon began to complain of headaches. But only those people who suffer from chronic migraine are prone to such manifestations. Those who complain of a simple headache feel fine. Some people suggest as well as not eating these fruit to go somewhere like peak performance physical therapy to assist with their headaches and migraines.

The exact causal relationship has not yet been established, but this observation has aroused the interest of scientists and nutritionists. Perhaps, if you adjust the diet of patients, their well-being will significantly improve.


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