NASA prepares for an asteroid collision with Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA specialists have already begun preparations for the collision of an asteroid and planet Earth. What is this preparation for? What should the rest of the planet’s inhabitants do? Will there be chances of escape and when to expect a disaster?

This is reported by NASA.

Research and preparation for the collision will be conducted by JPL scientists. This is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is part of NASA. This is a kind of drill that needs to be played periodically. A set of measures is necessary in order to minimize the chances of a collision with a meteorite or asteroid.

Research began at the same time as the Planetary Defense Conference (IAA). The tests will continue for five days. The purpose of the research is to identify key figures at the time of the disaster and help them.

Scientists play out several scenarios each time. It all starts with a drill, and then a specific plot is played out. Scientists and researchers in this way are trying to plan a sequence of actions that will help avoid a large number of victims in different countries and, accordingly, on different continents.

In the future, they plan to raise such an alarm every time a celestial body approaches the earth and the probability of a collision with the earth will be equal to 1 in 100. So far, all the inhabitants of our planet may not worry that a huge celestial body will crash into the Earth. But you need to be ready for everything. Since so far the conditions for life on other planets have not been found.


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