Mother of many children on the eve of childbirth found out about a new pregnancy

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the city of Victoria (Australia) is a happy mother with many children and is raising 8 children. Mom gave birth to two more twin daughters instead of one child. A week before giving birth, Annie learned that she had two fetuses instead of one.

It is reported by 9News.

In mid-April, Annie Tapo found out that she was pregnant again, being in position. At the same time, the woman had no symptoms or signs. Sometimes a mother with many children got tired more than usual. But this could be due to the presence of a large number of household chores.

It turned out that during her first early pregnancy, she became pregnant again. The ultrasound did not show the second child, but at this time he was developing and growing normally. And only a week before the birth, another baby was found in the abdomen during diagnostics.

In the middle of the night of April 25, Annie started having contractions, and she realized that she was about to give birth. The husband quickly took his beloved to the hospital. She gave birth to her first daughter herself, and after 2 hours another girl was born. The babies were born prematurely. Now everything is fine with the girls, the doctors took care of them, nothing threatens their health.

Premature girls still need to be kept in the hospital, but all the dangers are over. Now Annie and her husband are the parents of 5 sons and 5 daughters.


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