Fishermen caught a very rare shark off the coast of Portugal

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Portugal, it was possible to catch a representative of an extremely rare species of shark, which was nicknamed the “living fossil”. The reason for this is its unusual characteristics and appearance.

The cape shark or cape shark is a prehistoric creature with 300 teeth. It has been swimming in the ocean since the time when dinosaurs roamed the planet. An interesting fact is that over the past 80 million years, these creatures have practically not changed and look just as strange and a little scary.

To meet them is extremely rare, so you can understand the surprise of those fishermen who discovered such a unique catch.

Portuguese fishermen spotted a basking shark at a depth of approximately 2,000 m below the water column. The length of the shark was about one and a half meters. It was caught at a shallower depth of 700 meters, near the city of Portimao.

Experts say that this type of shark is incredibly rare. Even less can be found videos of how sea creatures live in their natural environment – in the depths of the Atlantic, as well as along the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

If we talk directly about their meaning of life, then cape sharks prefer to hunt squid and various fish. In some cases, they can even make an attempt on the life of a representative of other species of sharks. The ancient creature has 300 long teeth that look terrifying.

They line their mouths in several rows and make it easy to capture almost any prey. In addition, the body of sharks is thin and very long. At the same time, they are very distant relatives of the more popular species of sharks – white sharks.


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