Fish die massively in California

(ORDO NEWS) — In California, fish are dying en masse right now. Dead individuals have huge bulging eyes, darkened skin and a strongly swollen belly. The reason for this may be a new bacterial infection.

The bacterium, which was called Lactococcus garvieae, caused the death of 60 thousand fish in the hatchery located on the Mojave River. It is worth noting that until April of this year, this bacterium was never detected.

Approximately 3 million individuals of rainbow trout and some other fish species were urgently quarantined. At the moment, specialists are trying to learn more about the new pathogen, which is not fed to the treatment methods used. Experts cannot even guess where exactly these bacteria came from.

Jay Rowan says that every day they manage to learn something new about the bacteria. Treatments aimed at eliminating the infection do not bring any result. Because of this, the fish had to give special food with antibiotics, the cost of which exceeds 75 thousand dollars. Despite this, bacteria still continue to multiply.

Experts concluded that these deadly bacteria feel best in warm water. It is worth noting that the disease was also found in two more hatcheries. But due to the fact that they are located in a cooler climate, there are very few deaths recorded there.

Also, experts reassured that the infection does not harm people, because its transmission from person to person is unlikely. At the moment, studies of the pathogen and the search for an effective medicine that will again return the fish to their places are continuing.


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