What do Martians look like

(ORDO NEWS) — The question of whether life exists on Mars has long been of interest not only to ordinary people, but also to scientists. Some time ago, data appeared that could tell you exactly what the Martians look like.

The famous ufologist Scott Waring studied the images of the surface of Mars, which were taken in 2004. He managed to find another amazing artifact – the head of an incomprehensible creature with horns, carved on the wall of the canyon. This canyon is located in the Mariner Valley. This is a large group of canyons that scientists discovered in 1971 using the Mariner-9 spacecraft.

Nobody knows how to comment on Scott Waring’s find, because earlier Matteo Ianneo also found a strange head on official images provided by NASA. Some believe that this is just a game of imagination, but despite this, the pyramids on Mars can be seen quite clearly.

The most interesting find on Mars is Monolith. It was taken from many different angles, so to argue that this is just a “play of light and shadow” will not work. Given all these findings, it can be assumed that some kind of civilization definitely lived on Mars. Its representatives carved on the walls the appearance of either their gods or the supreme leaders. Moreover, the faces of some “Martians” seem very familiar.

When it comes to UFOs, many call aliens Martians. Of course, this does not mean at all that they arrived precisely from Mars. Just so convenient. It is worth noting that religious people do not believe in the existence of UFOs and claim that demons are there. But given Waring’s latest finding and the fact that Martians have horns, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny the existence of demons.


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