Superflare occurred on a distant star a powerful phenomenon alarmed scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — In the constellation Leo on one of the stars, scientists noticed a very strong flash that alarmed their minds. Experts do not exclude that a similar plot can be repeated in the Sun.

The most powerful explosion was recorded by Japanese astronomers. It is known that the star under study was 20 times larger than our star. The phenomenon of a strong explosion was noticed for the first time in the history of observations of the sky.

That is why the event was perceived as an alarming signal that can occur in our solar system.

A typical flash is a sharp surge of high activity near a group of sunspots. Sometimes a certain amount of coronal mass emanates into space, which provokes magnetic storms on Earth.

Super-flash is explosions that are 10,000 times more powerful. If something like this happens on the Sun, then magnetic storms will destroy a large number of equipment and electronics.

Super flash occurred on a star called AD Leonis, which is located 16 light years from our planet. The body is a dwarf star, which explains the large number of different outbreaks that occur regularly.

Specialists working at Kyoto University and the National Astronomical Observatory were waiting for a lot of outbreaks, but were not ready to see the superflare. What happened made them worried.

A study of neighboring bodies will help predict explosions in the Sun and, perhaps, mitigate their negative impact.

Some flares can sweep away the atmosphere of nearby planets. As a result, the birth of life on them is impossible. If such phenomena turn out to be frequent, then the chances of a successful habitation on exoplanets will be halved.


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