FBI confirms ‘Cigar Shaped’ UFO seen by commercial aircraft pilot

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and American Airlines confirmed the report of the pilots of the A320 aircraft about the meeting with a UFO on February 21, 2021 over New Mexico by the crew of the A320 aircraft, which saw a “long cylindrical object” on American Airlines Flight 2292 from Cincinnati to Phoenix .

The pilots contacted the traffic control center, which was given information about the detected UFO. American Airlines confirmed the authenticity of the recorded message.

On February 24, the FAA also confirmed the report of the pilots, but emphasized that air traffic controllers did not see any objects in the area on radar.

The pilots described the unidentified object as an agile “cigar-shaped” object flying very fast. The report is consistent with documents declassified by the Pentagon in April 2020, as well as some other descriptions of cylindrical objects encountered by pilots.

This is the second time in three years that passenger aircraft pilots in northeastern New Mexico have seen unidentified objects flying at high speeds and at very high altitudes. What is it, no one knows yet: a secret military technology or something out of this world?

After declassifying records of several UFO sightings, the Pentagon intends to form a new working group to study them. A similar encounter was also recorded in April 2018, when pilots of a Phoenix Air Learjet 36 and an American Airlines A321 reported that a strange object had passed over them near the New Mexico border.

Theories and Recent UFO Sightings in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to the White Sands missile range and several military bases, so there is an unofficial theory that pilots may have seen a missile from a secret military test that deviated from its intended course. However, it seems unlikely to many that civil aircraft were not notified of what had happened.

According to another version, the crew of the plane saw the test of a secret military fighter (cylindrical?), but this version was also met with skepticism, since it also implies that the military would not launch the aircraft in the same area where civilian passenger flights take place. In addition, ATC did not record a single flight that coincided in time and place.

This New Mexico UFO encounter took place at an altitude of about 10,000 meters, while the previous 2018 incident occurred much higher in the sky at 16,500 meters.

One such incident could easily be mistaken for a random mistake by either the military or the pilots, but twice in three years seems too much of a coincidence. It is likely that these UFOs over New Mexico could be aliens.

In the past, most UFO sightings took place near military bases, nuclear power plants, etc. In other words, only in places of high interest or places with a high concentration of energy. There are countless theories about the existence of aliens, and if I believed in one particular hypothesis, it would be that aliens are attracted to technological or military places.

I believe that there is no doubt that the UFO was not a military missile that failed during testing. According to the protocol, any civil aircraft would have to be notified in case of military operations, and they would not even be allowed to fly that route.

The FAA, FBI and American Airlines have not confirmed anything other than the sighting. It is they who should give us an accurate explanation of what exactly happened. However, I highly doubt they will do that…


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