Factors that sharply increase the risk of stroke

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(ORDO NEWS) — A stroke can start developing unexpectedly for everyone. This condition is very dangerous and can cause not only paralysis, but also death. The symptoms of the disease develop very quickly and therefore require immediate assistance from specialists.

There are many risk factors, and some of them cannot be influenced. In these cases, you can only hope that such a serious problem will not affect you. The first risk factor is age. The risk of stroke increases significantly with age, especially in men. But there are also factors that can be eliminated. To do this, it is necessary to visit a doctor all the time, if hypertension is present, take certain medications, and also monitor blood pressure. Many do not, and the result is a stroke.

Risk factors include the use of alcoholic beverages, which has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the vessel walls. They become less elastic and can break easily. In this case, a hemorrhagic stroke occurs. The victim’s condition will be much more severe than with ischemic stroke. Specialists include smoking, diabetes mellitus and atrial fibrillation as risk factors.

In case of a stroke, you must immediately call an ambulance, because every second counts. In one minute, a stroke can kill up to two million cells in the brain. Before the doctors arrive, you should not drink blood pressure lowering drugs. Doctors should not bring it down, even if the indicator is too high. It is also worth making sure that no one bothers the victim, because this can only aggravate the situation.


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